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a little about me

I'm Ashley

The sentimentalist

 I was born on the bathroom floor of my parents house and then grew up, not on the bathroom floor. I went to college to do something different with my life and then worked jobs to figure my shit out, hoping to accomplish my goals. Along my journey I was always very artistically expressive whether it was thru dance, drawing, painting, photography, or just creating anything. Art is something that has always been a part of me and I've always attached a part of me to art. After years of feeling unsatisfied, not fulfilling my life's purpose, I finally did figure my shit out and so here I am. I love the connection I have with others thru  art. Being very empathetic and sentimental, I feel very bonded to each and every love story I get to tell. Storytelling, connecting, and creating are what I hope I'm able to do for many more years to come. 


I attended Penn State University but I am honestly more proud of being an OSHA 29 certified Hazmat Technician. I have a bunch of strange certifications that no one really cares to hear about but just know that they taught me many valuable lessons and I continue to invest in myself everyday.

Fun Facts:

I am the youngest of 6 (parents still married after 30+ years)

Growing up, I had a Llama named Lark

I  broke my arm horse back riding

I am a Cancer born on the cusp of magic

My music playlist is epic, or so I like to think

​Chick-fil-A is my home away from home

I'm always seeking to expand my mind

I adore new experiences, in any capacity

I enjoy traveling to new places & long distance driving

I can sing an entire song and not get a single note right

Memes. I love memes

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