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The Secret Sauce

Just because I am a photographer does not mean I am immune to having bad pictures taken of myself. In fact, I hate when other people take my photo because I always tend to feel as though they just don't understand and unknowingly capture the most unflattering version of me.

The worst feeling is when you look thru an album and feel nothing but disappointment and self depreciation. It took me awhile to realize that the reason I didn't like the way I looked in photos wasn't because I'm just not photogenic. What I desperately wanted and desired was a strong presence to direct me, but also someone who wasn't overbearing or bossy that would put me in a bunch of tacky poses. I desired someone who knew that I needed a little help to divert my attention to relax my captious mind. I needed help to be posed in natural ways that not only flattered my body type but that made me look like a million bucks. I needed someone I felt I could trust.

I could only dream of someone who really knew me that would be able to accentuate the things I love about myself while minimizing the unfavorable things I do not. Fortunately for those like me, who typically hate their photo taken, I am that person who recognizes this desire.

Having been a very intuitive and attentive person my entire life, I easily pick up cues to try making those around me feel comfort and security. By gaining trust thru this understanding, I am able to capture the most intimate imagery that is packed with meaning and sentiment. Because I take that burden of watching for a couples likes and dislikes for them, they are able to be more freely in the moment with an eased mind.

Unfortunately, most portrait photographers do not understand that it's not just about beautiful compositions and back drops, although important, those things are not the secret sauce to incredible wedding imagery. Understanding your couple and mastering the art of posing is what sets pretty photos apart from a breathe taking album. An album that will make you tear up, laugh, and smile as you reminisce the best day of your life year after year.

I have done photo & video for all sorts of events and what I have found is that weddings are one the most complex events. This is not a day I just show up with cameras to photograph and/or film. I take the time to tailor an experience to a couple by getting to know them better; their likes, their dislikes, what's most important to them, how they interact etc. Weddings are so fast paced that getting to know a couple the day of is simply not an option.

By focusing exclusively on weddings, I am able to provide a one of a kind experience. Not everyone puts a priority on their wedding day imagery and that is okay, but for those that crave a professional who strives to be the best at their craft, then you definitely are in the right place. I don't settle for just okay and neither should you!


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