Welcome Kit: Explained

I wanted to do a quick entry to introduce my Welcome Kit; to discuss it's purpose, contents, and what can be found in my handcrafted bridal guide.

Most couples, after reserving their wedding date, are often left with the question, "well, now what?". Upon reserving their date with Idyllic in White, a couple should expect to receive a Welcome Kit that will help navigate them in all the right directions.

Inside my 73 paged bridal guide, is a trove of great information; starting with how to prepare for your engagement session and ending with what to expect in the weeks after your wedding day.

There is so much in between- from tips,tricks, and advice to checklists, recommendations, and how-to's. Aside from my guide, I also include two multi purpose wedding day essentials that I explain in my guide ( these items may vary per box).

The Essentials:

We all know the cost of wearing new, pretty shoes. Blisters are not fun and Band-Aids are not cute on your wedding day. Deodorant is a great multi purpose essential not only for under arms, but when applied around your heels and along the sides of your feet, it creates a layer of lubricant that stops friction, preventing blistering. Happy feet, happy bride!

If you are looking to have radiant skin that leaves you glowing like a goddess, my most favorite go to essential hack is just what you should know. Skip the messy body shimmer that will get all over everything and leave little light glimmers in your wedding day imagery. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist (SPF 70) not only protects your skin from harmful UV rays but it also gives you a radiant glow that is non greasy without any shimmer. Genius!

I also include two fine fragrances, 1 perfume for her and 1 cologne for him to help inspire and remind couples that no matter how small a detail, it shouldn't be forgotten. We acknowledge that looking at a photo album or watching & hearing a film brings backs memories, but smells also trigger memories. Choosing the perfect scent for your wedding day may serve as an excellent reminder that is so intimate no one else can experience it like you do.

Lastly, I include a bottle of champagne and a wedding magazine (generally The Knot) for couples to sit back and look through for more inspiration while sipping away, celebrating engagement bliss.

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