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Film Styles

Full Feature 

1-2 Hours

The longest of all the films I offer, the full feature captures your entire day from start to finish with original sound and light music overlay. This film is shot with multiple cameras to render multiple angles and edited in a chronological order. It is best suited for couples that are planning a very eventful day that don't want any footage to not make the cut but also for couples who want to add extensive  footage from the bridal shower, day before, and or day after sessions.

Mini Full Feature

30 Minutes

A  happy medium between a full feature and a highlight film, the mini full feature is perfect for couples who prefer more footage but condensed into a shorter duration.This film is shot with multiple cameras to render multiple angles. This film is edited in a chronological order with extensive dialogue accompanied by light music overlay. This film may include some bonus footage from the bridal shower, day before, and or day after sessions.  

Highlight Film

4-10 Minutes

The most popular wedding film by far is the highlight. This film is also shot with multiple cameras to render multiple angles but utilized in more a more fun and engaging way . It is creatively edited out of sequence to showcase the details and most important moments of the day. It is set to a score of music with minimal dialogue. This film may feature few highlights from the bridal shower, day before, and or day after sessions. This film is the best version to share on social media with friends and family.

Teaser Trailer

60 Seconds

A taste of what is to come, a teaser trailer is perfect for the couple that can't hardly wait. This video is creatively edited to showcase the biggest moments of the day in a quick and short manner. It is set to a score of music with little to no dialogue. It does not feature highlights from the bridal shower but may include snippets of the day before and/or day after sessions.

film & photo sessions

Day before session

1-2 Hours

So much is going to happen so fast on the big day that enjoying private intimate moments together will be next to impossible. Capturing the calm before the storm not only adds cinematic dimension to a film but it pulls the curtain back even further to expose your love story in a way that  is so intimate and pure. This session allows one on one time without any distractions, whether it be reading a written letter from one another, taking a stroll down a scenic path, or enjoying your rehearsal with loved ones. This is a unique perspective of your story that will take your wedding film and album to the next level by adding  dimension and depth.

day after session

1-2 Hours

While capturing the calm before the storm is great, I think that capturing married bliss the day after the chaos is equally as great. This session allows a couple to choose a location that is significant to them with no distractions or craziness, just pure bliss. Please note that this session does not have to be the very next day but must be within the week after. This additional  footage, again, not only adds dimension and depth, but provides a unique perspective of your love story in a way that  is so intimate and pure. Whether it be visiting the very place where the proposal took place or breakfast with your loved ones the next morning, this additional coverage will transform your wedding film and album like no other.

bridal shower

4 Hours

Events come and go so quick that it's only until after the fact that you realize you don't have much at all to show for it. Capturing your bridal shower is just as important as your engagement and day before/after sessions let alone your wedding day coverage. Your bridal shower is a very big part of this exciting journey too! Video coverage of a bridal shower not only renders a highlight film for the event itself but provides bonus footage that can also be creatively incorporated into a wedding day film and photo album.


Raw Footage (Film)

This footage is straight from my camera, it is not one continuous video and it's not edited in any way. Raw footage is a collection of over 100 individual unprocessed video files. The process of going through and sorting raw footage takes a good amount of time before editing can take place. Files are not named or sorted in any way, they are not labeled "ceremony" or "coming down the isle" but rather MVI_0041 for example. 


Distributing my unedited work is not something I take lightly as it leaves me without any creative control or control in its publication. Because of this, raw footage is not a cheaper option but may be the desire for someone who wants an experienced videographer to shoot their wedding but they want to edit their own film.

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